Not many people know, but when you use top websites to order your smoking accessories. These companies (In most cases do) tend to inform authorities later down the line, meaning if you may have happened to bought baggies or scales and come under investigation for minor offences, that company would hand the data over to be used as evidence, subsequently resulting in further charges depending on the type of product. We understand the causal stoners mild paranoia and cause for concern when it comes to purchasing items of this regard in countries where the recreational/medical use of cannabis may not be legal, we use a heavy discretion policy involving overseas contacts for our products, to then be wiped and sent to you from the UK.  This also means your information is kept with us (A private store) that regularly wipes customer data(With exception to E-mails) your details will not be sent elsewhere and that's our stores security guarantee. Please bear in mind we ship internationally and have some of the best headshop price ranges on the web as we deal directly with wholesalers and individual small companies (Mainly for handmade products and jewellery) and we also have a huge range of exclusive products only available here.

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